The Tara Way - internal view of the rental space The Tara Way - internal view with gymnastic floor mats The Tara Way - internal view of the rental space The Tara Way - view of the building from the main street

•    900 sqft Bright and Spacious hall

•    Ideal for Activities, Classes & Meetings

•    Unrestricted Parking available

•     Heated & Well Ventilated space

•     High Quality Sprung Floor - ideal for dance

•     Optional 720 sqft gymnastic floor mats


1st Floor

10C Aston Green, Aston Village

Termonfeckin Road


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Drogheda is home to numerous talented people who seek to inspire, educate, lead and care for others. At The Tara Way we hope to provide a base for such aspiring activity.

The Tara Way offers rental space to groups, organisations and individuals whose activities we believe contribute toward the betterment of society through the avenues of Culture, Learning and Well-Being. These in turn reflect the aspirations of The Tara Way.

We recognise the importance of community activity in providing social infrastructure in these modern and challenging times. People of all ages need stimulating activity and knowledge-based pursuits that lead to personal happiness and fulfilment, whilst promoting positive physical and mental health.

Societies evolve traditions that embrace the best of its communal activities and express this as culture. Ireland has one of the most ancient and prolific cultures in the world that is illuminated by the creative genius and heart-moving expression of our people. Go n-eirigh an bothar linn!

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